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MAC address is crucial component of every network device, and in some cases you might want to change your MAC address.

Change your MAC address in Windows 10 with these MAC changer tools

MAC address is a unique identifier that allows your network device, such as a Ethernet or wireless card to connect to other networks. Every network device comes with a Media Access Control, or MAC for short, address that allows that device to be identified on a network.

Just like IP address, MAC address is crucial when transferring data from one computer to another, because each data packet comes with a header that contains MAC address of the destination PC. In order to change your MAC address, first you need to know how to locate it. Before we show you how to change your MAC address, bear in mind that changing your MAC address might cause issues with your current network, and in worst case scenario, your network device might not be able to recognized by the network.

Change the MAC address of your network adapter.

As you can see, changing your MAC address is rather simple, but keep in mind that your actual physical MAC address remains the same, and in case anything goes wrong you can simply revert to it by following the aforementioned steps. To use this tool to change your MAC address, follow these steps:.

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So during lunch, I ran to OfficeMax and got a new one it was the last day before my "stay-cation", the prospect of no tv, no computer was to terrible to bear: The characters in the opened window are the physical address of your network card. The program, created to […]. Hackers too indulge in MAC address spoofing. Every network device comes with a Media Access Control, or MAC for short, address that allows that device to be identified on a network. These are sorted into categories. Allan Cramer.

This tool works similarly to the previous one, but it comes as evaluation copy, so it lacks certain features such as the ability to change MAC address of multiple adapters. This is a completely free and simple tool that allows you to easily change your MAC address.

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In order to do that, you need to start the application, select your network adapter and click the Change MAC button. It sets a flag in the card enabling "Locally Administered". With this I was able to make the MAC address change.

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Sadly, this still doesn't solve the problem. Since the Roku's address doesn't start with 02, using one that does will not trick the router!

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Repairing the Linux laptop appears to be my best option. It's a bit dated but you may be able to get it to work and play nice with Windows 8. They have a SMAC 2. Side Note: Why don't you just install your linux distro and dual boot or wipe the drive and install? Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Change MAC Address of Network Adapter in Windows

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Change a MAC Address in Windows

Let me explain. You can change the address in the device manager of Windows Start Device manager locate the network device open the properties and look for the entry Network Address and enter your MAC adress you want.

Changing Your MAC Address With Intel Drivers in Windows

However, you might have the need to change the MAC address on a system. This displays the Network Connections list as shown in Figure 1.

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Right-click on the connection that you want to change and then click Properties to bring up the network connection properties as shown in Figure 2. To manage NIC properties, click the Configure… button directly under the adapter name. This will bring up the NIC properties as shown in Figure 3. Did you notice that there are more tabs along the top of this dialog box than other network adapters? They expose many more configuration options than the typical drivers.

Change MAC address on Windows 10 by using a MAC address changer

This allows you to specify a new MAC address as shown in Figure 4.