Client mac addr dhcp no boot filename received

PC Boot Failure

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CLIENT MAC ADDR: 00 1C C0 30 54 A2 GUID: 10CDA DC - 84C8- EA62CA PXE-E NO BOOT FILENAME ECCEIVED. DHCP (with a revolving stick) This is followed by the following error message: PXE-E53 no boot file name received PXE-MOF exiting HP PXE.

Search In. General Support V5 and Older. Noob boot help! Reply to this topic Start new topic. Posted October 5, Hi - go easy on me I'm a virgin! Attempting to set up a N36l Microserver as an unRaid box. Share this post Link to post.

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Posted October 6, OK, I worked out it was trying to boot from the network so I turned that off in the bios. Now I get to a blue screen with 'UNetbootin' at the top. Joe L. I know unetbootin works I am the one that wrote the greenleaf tutorial. Not sure what you may have missed in the step, but it should work.

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Do more with. Again, I will appreciate your help, vlperk. I repeated the same process after disconnecting the mouse. New problem this time - Windows won't save my mouse wheel settings and I have to reconfigure it every time I boot. I then hit F10 Save and Exit. I now believe that I was still operating with the new version 1.

Its a 4GB data traveler The only things on the disk are ldlinux. Posted October 7, Thanks SO much for the advice. Now onto the next steps Join the conversation You can post now and register later. I don't really understand all this, but here goes. I have a ThinkPad that was given to me by a college student. When I go to turn the machine on it won't boot and I get the same msgs you point out in your problem.

But, says C: drive not valid.

I was assuming either someone whiped out the C: drive or maybe the hard disk is bad. I would have thought some version of MS would be on the C: drive. Thanks in advance. Frank Garces garces us. Bell PF6.

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Frank, The error message is probably because your ThinkPad is trying to boot off the network a PXE boot but nothing is connected. How this is done will probably depend on the model of ThinkPad that you have, but it should be via a mouse touchpad interface. Save the new settings and try booting again - it the hard drive has a valid operating system then it should boot.

Good luck, Martin. Thanks for the response and assistance. Sorry, I did not reply sooner was buzy at work. Anyway, I believe you are correct in that it must have been configure to boot off a network or something.

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But, seem to be getting the same PXE errors still. Then it provides me the Boot Priority order menu.

client mac addr. idk what to do

I then hit F10 Save and Exit. It saves it and reboots. Go back to F1 again to see if it really saved the Boot Priority order and sure enough it did. So in summary it seem that it still trying to boot from a network or something even thought I've changed the Boot Priority order. I'm still at a lost.

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If you have another solution I'd like to hear it. If not, I am very greatful for your help to this point and thank you very much. It sounds like your hard drive has failed or the controller or motherboard - basically a hardware problem.

PXE-E53 No boot filename recieved Problem

The PC cannot read the disk to find an operating system, so carries on with the boot order and thus tries PXE. You could remove the hard drive and insert it into an external USB drive enclosure, and then see if you can get to it from another computer. Also, do a search for the error message, lots of useful information on the web e.

As I suspected. I have a feeling the Harddrive is dead. I will see what else I can check with the HD in another machine, if I can. Also, will look at the site you mentioned for more info on the error msg.