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Publication Information Release: Smart Reconciliation is a self-service application that lets you reconcile exception invoices. Exception invoices are invoices that did not pass the initial match in Lawson Invoice Matching and need to be reviewed. These exception invoices have a quantity or cost discrepancy. Smart Reconciliation is installed in the servlet container directory structure as a web application. Table 1. Lawson Enterprise 9. Note: Internet Explorer 7. Note: Internet Explorer 8. Note: Theme 10 or higher is required to run in Infor Ming. Network configurations It is suggested that you install Smart Reconciliation in one of the following configurations.

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Task See Ensure that the drive partition where your servlet container resides has at least 25 MB of free space. Note: Windows only The installations must be done at the console. For Windows R2, open a command prompt as an Administrator. For downloading instructions, see the online help on the Product Downloads page at Infor Xtreme.

The installation log file is written to this directory. For more information on prompts when selecting an environment, see "Installation prompts" on page Post-installation steps for Smart Reconciliation The following post-installation steps must be performed to configure and verify the Smart Reconciliation system. Note: If you have any web servers that are not being managed directly, copy the plugin-cfg.

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Defining shared library components in WebSphere Before running Smart Reconciliation, define required jar files as a shared library in WebSphere. Important: If you are installing Smart Reconciliation on an LSF Environment that has been federated with a Lawson Landmark environment, the Smart Reconciliation service file also needs to be loaded into the Landmark environment.

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A federated environment describes a Lawson environment consisting of LSF and Landmark, linked together such that the Landmark environment is responsible for authentication. Since the Landmark environment is responsible for authentication, service definitions that exist in an LSF Environment have to be loaded into the Landmark environment as well. This step is typically done by the installation process at the time the two environments are being "federated.

For more information, see "Security prerequisites for self-service applications" on page 17 to create the Smart Reconciliation service. You may also review to set up security roles. Once logged in, the main Smart Reconciliation Administration screen should display. See "Accessing the Smart Reconciliation administration tool to add a user" on page Security prerequisites for self-service applications You need to set up the security required to run Smart Reconciliation.

For instructions on how to set up security prerequisites, see the Lawson Administration: Resources and Security in the Infocenter. If you have corrected the reason for failure, select Restart option to complete the install. Selecting Reload will cause the same files to be redelivered. This prevents your existing settings from being reset to the default values. Any new configuration settings delivered with this release will operate with their default values.

If there are new or updated settings delivered with this release, follow the steps below to apply the new settings. Refer to the Release Notes document for this release or the patch readme file if installing a patch update to identify whether any settings changes have been delivered. Running LO will overwrite customizations of Infor delivered bookmarks, except for the Deny or Allow Access you have defined.

Note: Refer to the release notes or patch readme file to verify if bookmarks have been added. Once logged in, the main Smart Reconciliation administration screen should apply. For more information on working with bookmarks, web user, and web users groups, see the Infor Lawson for Ming. Depending on your security settings, you may see a message similar to this: Choose Open to launch the selected application. Disclaimer Your computer must have the system requirements. For Windows 8.

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The instructions.