Wd tv live network share cannot be accessed mac

Once in the Sharing area, enable File Sharing by clicking on the check-box next to it. After that, select the desired folder to be shared under Shared Folders and click on Options. Once both options are selected, click on Done. Return to Top. The instructions below are intended for advanced users only.

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Western Digital is not responsible for any damages caused by following these instructions. To configure NFS please follow the instructions below: You need Administrator access to perform these steps On the Mac: To do this, please follow the instructions below: Highlight the folder you want to share within Finder.

In Finder, select File and than Get Info from the top menu. Check the Shared Folder box. Close the window. To change the preferences, please follow the instructions below: In Finder, select the Finder than Preferences from the top menu. I am trying to use cifs and it keeps asking me for a password.

How to resolve Network shares access problems - WD TV Live Streaming - WD Community

Precisely what are you trying to do and how are you trying to do it? Your question is too vague to provide much help.

For one thing, there is a guest option you might want to look at. Of course how the share is set up determines what info must be given to mount it and whether it is even possible to mount it. No Luck. I have carefully followed your instructions including clearing login. I also have an old Astone Media box which when i connect it I do not have to input a password which indicates the problem is with the WDLIVE and not the windows set up.

WD TV Live - "the network share can not be found"

Mike27oct has written what is in the manual but this does not apply to this issue and does help me connect the WDLIVE as i still asks for a password regardless of whether the password is on or off the network. I have spent two days trying to troubleshoot this by going through the settings etc I can now see the network and the pc i am trying to connect to but connection stil fails. Homegroup is irrelevant. Read up on password protected sharing. It may just be your terminology, but you do realise its not asking for your network password right? It wants the name and password for the user account on your PC.

I just wanted to clarify that with you. When you turn on your PC, do you have to input a password before your desktop displays? Read, and comprehend, people!

Does the WDTV Live Plus HD Media Player work with Mac?

This I know, and my question to you is: Any information would be really helpful. Have seen some stuttering with p, but the stuttering seems to disappear as the videos keep playing go figure.

Was trying to figure a way out to stream Hulu to the WD TV Live, but have been unable to find a good solution thus far. Have heard that tversity and PlayOn may work through PC emulation, but wanted something native to mac os. PS3 media server has a mac os build that is easy to use and served up all drives attached to my iMac without having to set anything up.

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I can confirm that it will play p videos using this method. Problem is that I have not found a way to serve Hulu to the TV using this program. Although I have to admit that I have not really tried playing around with it in any detail. Just know that it doesn't seem to work 'out of the box'. It doesn't compare to Plex or XBMC, but I haven't been able to find another device that streams p for the price and reasonable interface.

Do you have snow leapord?

So my thinking is that if i can get my WDTV username and password login to work again it will only need to load my HDD's and therefore everything will work instantly? Click on the Advanced tab. Enter the following path to your file in TextEdit: I really like the box so far.. This very quickly gives you access to just the folders you want to be able to see on the WDTV.

Do you stream Hulu to your tv, if so, what program do you use? Everyone who's having issues sharing from your Mac, please make sure you go to your System Preferences on your Mac, then Sharing. It may require a restart of your router, not sure. Also, those wishing to connect from your Mac to the WD TV that you can see listed in the Finder under your shares cant do that because there's nothing to connect to.

Remember, the WD TV doesnt have an internal hard drive, so just because the unit is listed there doesnt mean you can connect to it. There's nothing to connect to. Then, you can copy files to it as well. Lemme know how all this goes for you guys. That would make me a very happy nerd. BTW, Mac users. I was streaming my iTunes all day yesterday. I have my iMac seeing the Live and can play videos from my computer attached drives very nicely.

I have noticed 2 glitches, however. Adding the drives to Sharing makes them Drive and Drive and I can then play content from them. When the drive is attached directly to the Live this does not happen. Hopefully a software update will fix that. All in all, I am very pleased with this unit as it does what I want it to do. This is a great little box.

Originally Posted by jamerican I have my iMac seeing the Live and can play videos from my computer attached drives very nicely. Originally Posted by peestandingup 1. I bet the problem is the fact that you have 2 drives in 1 enclosure. I havent encountered this problem so its hard to say. If I can replicate it, I'll try to let you know what I find out. I just found this thread and it seems there's a ton of good info on here. She has trouble setting her macbook up to the TV to placate the kids Anyways, I have a few questions Can you confirm this?

Originally Posted by ftaok Thanks for the tip. Does Orb play iTS protected music? One last question Hey i'm looking to buy a wireless usb network adapter to attach to the wdtv live, which will be able to be seen by my mac book pro so i can transfer files wirlessly to the USb attached to the wdtvlive.

Can any wireless G usb adapter work Trying to just get a cheap one, since i'm really not streaming anything. Can anyone suggest any known working ones Originally Posted by peestandingup Everyone who's having issues sharing from your Mac, please make sure you go to your System Preferences on your Mac, then Sharing. Hi all, hope someone can help.

Would like to stream and manage files sometimes from my Macbook- can't fathom how to get it to work. Can anybody help? Have file sharing turned on and samba enabled Any ideas gratefully received!! Or a 'talk me through it' tutorial Thanks in advance.

I'm not sure what finally got it to work but I did this after trying over and over: