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Win 8 should be fine if it still has that Win 98 emulation mode? But does it? It will run on newer machine but I found it would lose connection too many time and it was easier to just use a retired laptop.

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Way to go Clavia Matthew Spencer 24 July at I use Wine on my Mac and it work perfectly well. I found out that the iPad mini fits perfectly in the empty area of the g2 at the top right where the logo is. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. I am not familiar with Mac so sorry if there are now incompatibility issues…. Other Gear.

I will try it under Mavericks to see. CJ Miller. What if I buy a G1? Do I download the editor from Nord or is it a third party editor? Why would the other replier say no?


I xust installed XP! Very interested in this topic - bought a NM G1 a few months ago, but haven't had the time to do anything with it The best thing about the Nord G1 is that the pots on the front panel are simple voltage dividers read by the CPU. What does that mean? It means they can all have vactrols added to make them voltage controlled.

The lower right section of the G1 is empty space, perfect for the patch bay and PCB. I went half the way to adding a joystick to mine, I chickened out at the drilling through the front panel stage.

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I am determined to add the vactrols sooner or later though. Basically you are replacing the 16 front panel pots with a Vactrol circuit that allows the inputting of a control voltage to safely turn the pot for you. You can then program the pot for anything the G1 can program it to do. The circuit is fairly simple and the existing pots can still be used when CVs are not inputted. Bridechamber has a nice little PCB that should work fine. I also have some other circuits from the net that have all the added features I would need. The existing pots could feed bias voltages when no CVs are attached.

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Its just a stream of binary formatted to a certain clock timing and however it is that it works on your PC and android software will likely be easily adaptable. Maybe apply for a dev account at apple and they probably have an easy to use SDK for this. I would be down to help out. I recently hooked up my teensy 3.

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But apart from that,it will involve a serious amount of work to develop the g1 specific interface, or a generic midi interface as James suggested. Most of the g1 file structure and messages are already known thanks to the Nomad project. A pretty basic question here.

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The main difference is that it unlocks 2 extra modules: the driver and the resonator. And you can use the editor in combination with a vst that is part of the prevous old open source editor.

Micro Modular patching session (Nord Modular Editor working on OSX)

But the most interesting thing for patching are the two extra modules, these are available in the old open source editor also. The vst is also only windows. Consolidated request Wow! I am reviving my G2 modulars and was looking for the best way to move forward with them.

This looks wonderful!!!

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Which has a smaller version to go from and bigger for longer times? This could be a simple way to help keep everything fat, warm and big with giant patches. Lining up sample delays in-time works- wonders. Look on the forum for z-1 or single sample delay, I believe I had seen a whole slew of clever patches that made custom oscillators from the bottom up using mixer nodes and feedback.

Could you help me with a headless load-only version? I just want it to take one argument which is the filename, load it into the G2 and then just exit. I was wondered if anyone has a latest version or anything new updated. Your email address will not be published.

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On windows this will be in the application folder, on Osx this will be in the documents folder. If you experience problems on startup you can try to delete this file. Also if you install version v0. You can enable this in the application settings. Changed the patch file browsing tree.

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This is the official Nord Modular Editor v adapted for Mac OS X. It is embedded in a It should work for both Nord Modular G1 and Nord Micro Modular. Nord Modular Editor vhqx Download for Mac OS 8/9. Nord Modular Editor v3 zip Download for Windows. Nord Modular Editor v

Sub directories are only read if you expand a directory in the tree. This will make the application load faster and also prevent the application reading too much directories at once.