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X, who was gunned down on June 18 in a daylight attack, attended his own funeral and fought with his dead body in the music video for his single, SAD! Mac's final video for Self Care, filmed just weeks before his death, also sees him in a coffin.

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If you go to Miller's website right now that's what you see, him alive in a coffin. If you watch "SAD!

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It's just odd … ". Maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist.

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Did anybody else catch this? Mac's shock death raised questions after police found his home had been virtually scrubbed clean of illegal substances. Investigating cops found just a tiny amount of white powder at his San Fernando Valley home - not enough for a fatal overdose, TMZ reports, and witnesses told police that the house was "almost swept clean" to get rid of evidence of drug use.

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  • He opened up about addiction in the 2013 song " The Star Room.".
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According to the US news site, law enforcement sources believe Mac did overdose on drugs, but it makes "no sense" the rapper would have emptied the house of illegal substances, pill bottles and other drug paraphernalia beforehand on the off chance he might die. Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play. Lil Wayne " here. While Miller was just 21 years old when this album was released, "The Star Room" is a bold and expressive confrontation of his own demons.

Listen to "The Star Room" here.

Miller illustrated his deep existentialism on "The Question" in 2012.

Miller's body is loaded into the coroner's van as a woman is seen breaking down in front of cops. Unconditional love is not selfish. Please enter your comment! A heartbroken woman breaks down crying while the Los Angeles county coroner removes the body of Mac Miller from his million dollar Hollywood Hills home in Studio City. Who knows?

Miller expresses his desire to leave a lasting impression on the world "The day that I die on will turn me to an icon". At the same time, however, "S. We don't actually exist as people to anybody, we exist [through] the ideas that we give to the world. Mitrani passed away in and Miller spends this dark, insular song reflecting on the concepts of youth, mortality, legacy, and loss. Listen to "REMember" here.

Mac Miller - Wake Up + lyrics (Best Day Ever)

Even on what is ostensibly a brag track, meant to assert his talent as a rapper, Miller is open and eloquent about his existentialism. In one moment, Miller brags that his competing rappers are just "diet soda.

Mac Miller's secret last hours - fans raise suspicions in streams of bizarre conspiracy theories

The song is a banger at heart, but creates tension that reflects Miller's mid-career struggle: to reconcile his "frat rap" party-boy persona and his awareness of his toxic, self-destructive behavior. It's the duality of man ," Miller told GQ, reflecting on the album, in Listen to "Weekend feat. Miguel " here.

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"Better Off" – Mac Miller

Mac Miller, though only 26 when he died last week from an Miller in the music video for "The Star Room." Mac . Best lyrics: "Them pills that I'm popping, I need to man up / Admit it's a problem, I need a wake up / Before one. 5 Mac Miller Songs That Revealed His Tortured Psyche of a sometimes tortured life that would reveal itself in his music. “Every day I wake up and breathe / I don't have it all, but that's all right with me,” Miller said on “ . Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

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