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I am not able to install this application. How to install this? No good. Does not work on Win 10, Win XP. Same error on both. Windows Mac. Download now. Developer: Babya.

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License: Freeware. From the developer: A thoughtfully redesigned Logic Pro makes it easier than ever to translate musical inspiration into professional productions.

Download Logic Pro. How to change tempo on a track in Logic Pro Change settings such as tempo and rhythm by manually adjusting the track's parameters. Another option is automatic changing of numerical values. How to use plugins in Logic Pro Plugins are activated and accessed in the settings. There is an option of adding new features and library items for direct implementation. How to add fade-out effects to tracks in Logic Pro Add multiple effects including fade-out by selecting them in the built-in library. The templates are applied to the selected area of the track.

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Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. Notify me of replies from other users. Subscribe to comments:. I think the most exciting feature is the Logic Remote app, free for iPad and iPhone.


The app connects your iOS device to your computer and allows you to control the software. You can pause, stop and record, obviously. But you can also edit effects and panning, so this is an amazing tool if you like a fader-style mixing approach without actually having the faders, of course. This can also save you a lot of time if you are recording a live instrument, but are too far from your Mac to control it!

The app can also be used to manually tap the project tempo, or play in keyboard and drum instruments. A key concept to understand with Logic Pro X and how it compares to Pro Tools is the approach to plugins. Pro Tools is arguably the most used DAW in the world.

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Despite this, in my experience of recording in other studios, a real part of working with Pro Tools is choosing specific 3rd party plugins to really define the kinds of sounds that come out of your studio. And because Pro Tools is the number one DAW in the world, most 3rd party plugins are designed primarily to work with it.

The Plug-ins are pretty comprehensive and following the Logic Pro X This means they are very detailed, powerful and sound incredible. And of course, in classic Apple style, they look great and are super easy to use! In particular, the ChromaVerb reverb allows you to choose your room, set your parameters on decay and even choose how your reverb responds over the frequency spectrum, but also has tons of presets if you need a framework to get you started. The quality of plug-ins, however, can vary quite a lot. Both of these sound great and are hugely versatile but I have found the Waves plug-ins to be a little less stable than the Vox.

Additionally, the visual representation on the Waves is a little less pretty; it feels very much as though perhaps writing the software for Logic Pro X was an afterthought to coding for Pro-Tools. So my advice would be to get suggestions from other producers or read up on the reviews if you are looking to delve outside of the stock Logic Pro X plugins. Sometimes, a musician in the studio may want to have a few runs at different elements of a song to get the perfect take for each section. In a lot of DAWs, this means recording multiple takes over multiple tracks.

With Logic Pro X, however, you can create multiple versions within one track and choose the best bits. From here you can crossfade together the perfect take all on one track with one set of plugins and one clean track, which makes mixing significantly easier! As with most recording software, you often rely on using buses to process effects to minimize CPU drain on the machine, to ensure everything runs quickly and smoothly. Applying the same reverb effect to every single guitar, bass and drum track on a song is tedious!

A nice touch in Logic Pro X is that when you choose to send a track to a Bus, the Auxiliary channel is automatically created in the Mix window. This allows you to add any effects you want to it, and name it without having to first create the Bus channel. Then you can assign it and add the effects. I tend to add some effects to the individual tracks — usually EQ and often compression and other specific effects. If you are using MIDI instruments, I would recommend going into the details if you want it to sound as real as possible.

Take some time to adjust the velocity and playing style of each note. This nifty feature allows you to change note velocity and slightly shift the timing. This can make all of the difference with a drum beat or melodic pattern, making it sound less robotic. If you have a passion for unique and vintage instruments like me, this often crosses over and becomes an obsession! This can involve spending a bit of time traveling around to record specific instruments I recently had the opportunity to record a s T Hammond organ that my dad had stowed away in his garage.

Logic provides an amazing solution for situations like this. I was able to simply share the Logic Pro X Project file to my laptop via AirDrop and record the instrument on location! Bear in mind, this can sometimes lead to the machine getting confused and unable to locate it.

The best thing to do is solo the track and bounce the raw file of the recorded audio. You can then drop that into the existing project on your main computer. Generally, most producers record all the audio necessary for a project before they begin adding huge amounts of audio processing. As an artist that self-produces, I often fall into the trap of building up the sonics of a track during the recording process.

Fortunately, the creators of Logic Pro X have got this covered!

This effectively by-passes the plugins during recording to stop latency without you having to manually turn each plugin off. Logic can also be installed on all the machines you own, and the Logic Remote is free.

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Make sure to leave the software open well in advance of the session! The reason for this is as follows.

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When you first open Logic Pro X after purchasing it, you must first download all the necessary sound assets. This will take up a big chunk of your storage! My tip would be to never head straight into a session after downloading Logic Pro X to a new machine. Make sure you update the software first. I was then introduced to Pro-Tools and Ableton at University. All three were and are great software. Or alternatively, sites such as skillshare offer online classes taught by major figures in their respective fields. There are also a number of Logic Pro X masterclasses I would highly recommend, accessible via the Apple website.

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Logic Pro X has allowed me to express my creativity without getting bogged down with the technicalities. Being able to self-produce DIY has definitely been central to finding my own signature sound. I hope you enjoyed this review of Logic Pro X! Hopefully, now you feel better informed on how it compares to counterpart DAWs as a result…. So, in short, is Logic Pro X worth it? How Production Music Companies Can Professional Arranger Needed.

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