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Each memory provides a new adventure, taking you from a high -tech city, to the ruins of Rome, to a German U-Boat and more. Learn how Lara attained the four unique items at the Croft Estate. Utilize new nimble moves, like tightrope walking, parallel bar swinging and a hand-to-hand stealth attack. New weapons, including a grappling hook gun, sniper rifle, and chloroform, have been added to Lara's arsenal.

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Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, Werner Von Croy co-ordintes the frantic dig-searching for answers buried deep beneath the Egyptian desert Create your own adventures for Lara, with the Tomb Raider level editor, including a tutorial plus all the tools required to construct! Lara asks for the same information and weapons, which Bouchard agrees to provide her if she delivers a set of Czech passports to his associate, pawnbroker Daniel Rennes.

When arriving at the pawnbrokers, Lara is knocked aside by a gruff, tall man on his way out. Inside, she finds Rennes dead with his corpse surrounded by mysterious symbols written in blood. His safe, containing the weapons Von Croy had requested, is open, but while collecting them Lara trips an alarm and is forced to leap from the building as it self-destructs.

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Collapsing on a canal boat, Kurtis from Cafe Metro again appears, flicking a cigarette into the canal before exiting again on his motorcycle. Now fully armed, Lara takes to the sewer tunnels beneath the Louvre, in an attempt to break in to the archeological dig while the museum is closed. Following the drains, Lara eventually blasts a hole in the wall of the Louvre's ancient foundations, and makes her way through the heavily guarded museum.

To gain access to the archeological site, Lara uses Carvier's security pass and discovers more information Carvier had collected for Werner's final project.

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The painting in question is apparently one of five mythological paintings, created by an ancient black alchemist known as Pieter Van Eckhardt , head of a mysterious Prague-based organization known as The Cabal whose ultimate goal was immortality and world domination, in the 14th century. The paintings, originally depicting evil imagery, create Sanglyph or blood sign when united. The society imprisoned Eckardt in a deep pit near their headquarters, Castle Kriegler, located in present-day Germany, using three ancient weapons of light called the Periapt Shards , which are capable of destroying immortals when united.

Brother Obscura then took possession of the five paintings that contained the pieces of the Sanglyph, and painted over the previous images of evil with new religious images. The paintings, now christened as Obscura Paintings were hidden throughout Europe in locations known only to the Lux Veritatis but before they were hidden, secret copies of each painting were ceated, referred to as the Obscura Engravings , with each engraving containing an encoded map to the location of the original painting.

In , the bombing of Castle Kriegler prior to the end of the Second World War caused the shards to separate. Eckhardt escaped the pit, vowing revenge against the Lux Veritatis and revived the Cabal, basing it out of Prague. The new Cabal became devoted to hunting down any members of the Lux Veritatis. Eckhardt also managed to obtain the Periapt from the Lux Veritatis, hiding these shards in his old laboratory, deep underground beneath the Strahov, the headquarters of the Cabal.

Eckhardt and the Cabal set out to reclaim the five Obscura Paintings, in order to acquire the Sanglyph. Lara also discovers information on a mythical creature known as the Nephilim , the so-called Angel of Darkness, thought to be a hybrid of humans and angels that once lived in ancient Turkey. The remains of one Nephilim, the Cubiculum Nephili or Sleeper , are believed to still exist. By the time Lara became involved in the plot, the Cabal had already attained three of the five paintings. Eckhardt then hired Werner Von Croy to find the last two; Von Croy managed to locate the fourth painting beneath the Louvre from the Obscura engravings, but never informed Eckhardt as he discovered Echardt's evil intentions.

Von Croy then asked for Lara Croft to assist in finding the paintings. With Carvier's security pass, Lara descends into the archeological dig beneath the Louvre. Beneath the former French palace, Lara discovers a series of magnificently decorated halls and chambers, defended by monstrous and immortal swordsman and demons. Lara is forced to scale the walls of the complex's largest hall, the Hall of Seasons, to find a small chamber, guarded by the ghost of Brother Obscura, in which the glowing painting sits. Dodging the angered spirit and removing the painting, the Hall of Seasons begins to flood, and Lara swims up through the hall to the surface beneath the Louvre.

Upon her return to the museum, a team of mercenaries lays siege to the galleries, attempting to poison Lara using tear gas.

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Lara makes her way towards the gallery's exit, eliminating her enemies, until she runs into Kurtis once more. Surprising her from behind, he disarms her and takes possession of her hard-won painting, using a mysterious flying disc with retractable blades.

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Most recent. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Tomb Raider is a media franchise consisting of action-adventure games , comic books, novels, theme park rides, and films , centring on the adventures of the female fictional British archaeologist Lara Croft. Show: 5 on page 15 on page 30 on page 60 on page. News Archive. CBS Interactive. I have been in contact with Aspyr Media to try and find out more information about the re-release of TR2.

However, in his own escape from the galleries, he is mysteriously knocked unconscious. Lara picks up one of his strange weapons, a glowing dagger, but before she can recover the painting, is herself knocked out. In her final moments of consciousness, she apparently sees one of the mercenaries morph into Bouchard's doorman. Bouchard rescues Lara, the latter requesting to return to Von Croy's apartment.

During the trip, Bouchard reveals of a new Monstrum murder victim, Czech art dealer and historian Mathias Vasiley , whom Von Croy exchanged information of the Obscura Engravings with before the latter's death. As Lara returns to the scene of Von Croy's murder, Bouchard makes a telephone call, telling a colleague to dispatch The Cleaner.

While in Von Croy's apartment, Lara is able to recall more of the blurred events; Werner yelled at Lara to get out of the way, as the same man Lara saw leaving Rennes' pawnshop enters. The skirmish is between this man and Werner, and is he who murders Werner, not Lara. Lara must now find this man if she is to clear her own name. However, at this moment, The Cleaner arrives and showers the apartment with a storm of bullets, sending Lara flying for cover. He has also booby-trapped the building's corridors, but Lara is eventually able to deal with him, leaving him dead at the end of the apartment hall.

His phone rings, and Lara answers. It is Bouchard, asking if the girl has been "taken care of". Lara does not give him the answer he was expecting. Lara then heads to Prague, CzechRepublic, where Werner's murderer now appears to be continuing his murder spree. Arriving at the Vasiley crime scene, on a grand upper-class town square covered in snow, Lara meets a diminuative reporter, Thomas Luddick , who fills Lara in on his suspicion that the Cabal may be involved, and that Vasiley may have been murdered when he refused to provide the Cabal with one of the Obscura engravings.

The Cabal apparently work out of a base in the Strahov complex, and Luddick says he can get her in to the headquarters if she gives him the full story. First, though, Lara attempts to gain access to Vasiley's office, again by breaking through the basement. In the building's cellar, however, Lara finds Bouchard chained to the radiator.

Questioning him on why he had tried to kill her, Bouchard reveals he works for the Cabal, still headed by the apparently immortal Eckhart, which is seeking to reunite the five Obscura paintings to revive the Cubiciulum Nephili. The Paris painting was number four, and now the Cabal need only retrieve the final painting, locked somewhere beneath Prague in an impenetrable chamber known as the Vault of Trophies.

Bouchard was instructed to help Lara obtain the Paris painting, then eliminate her once he had bring the painting to Eckhart. However, now that Lara is still alive, Bouchard is fearful for his life. He believes Eckhart is the monstrum, the man Lara saw murder von Croy, and Bouchard will be his next victim. Lara instructs him to remain there, while she further investigates Vasiley's office.

I try to make every effort to ensue that all of the linked files are safe and functional, but I cannot guarantee they'll work on all systems. The CD version of the full game can be patched to run without any problems in newer versions of Windows see below. It includes download links for the editor program and instruction manual, plus a list of other sites with tutorials, useful files and utilities, and collections of fan-made levels.


for useful inventory items. Download Tomb Raider Chronicles for Mac Mac OS - - Mac OS X / compressed w/ Stuffit. 61 / It is a cold, dark, rainy day. With the memorial service for Lara Croft over, her old friends retire to the Croft Mansion. Lara's friends gather to.

So your game may need a little tweaking to run smoothly on a computer running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or Before patching, try this simple fix:. If downloaded demo files won't install, you may need to set the compatibility mode on the downloaded demo files as described in the paragraph above before installing, as well as on the game program files once they are installed.

Then install the game while in Safe Mode and restart the system normally. You can then try adjusting the compatibility settings, as described above, or install any patches. This site includes a wealth of general information on the games, as well as a detailed section on backward compatibility.

Borderless Patch - This fixes the issue where the game shows a window border when in fullscreen mode on Windows 8 and newer.

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Download from the PC Gaming Wiki site. Dege's dgVoodoo Patch - Follow this link for the latest download and instructions. Visit Core-Design. The Kins also has some great tips on running the classic games on newer systems. Visit tombraiderchronicles.