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You mention that it is supposed to update automatically but it doesn't seem do it immediately although I am daily connected to a proper internet connection at the office. As a last resort I finally completely removed Excel because there is no way to force an update. Update history for Office for Mac - Office Support.

It seems to have solved some of the silly things Excel would crash on like selecting cell colors. On the official forums from Microsoft, all moderators just pretend that everything is just an isolated case and repeat the same standard answers over and over again. But in most cases, people can clearly point out how to reproduce the issue, followed by a dozen users who have taken the effort to mention that they have the same issue.

In comparison to other software vendors, it's hard to file a bug report with Microsoft as if their products are without any issues. Every update seems to introduce new bugs of which one wonders if they could not have been caught during testing. After starting to work Office with a Mac, I realized the luxury of being able to rely on software not to crash.

Usually Apple will put some pressure on software developers if applications are crashing frequently on certain products. But Microsoft circumvents this Apple crash reporter and only Microsoft gets a notification. Mar 26, 6: You've already discovered the "fix". Office definitely should not be stuck on version That it is means it's not updating. Microsoft says to follow these directions for reinstalling Office I would presume that means deleting the current items in the Applications folder so the latest versions will install.

Call MS to be sure. There is almost no software you can't find complaints about in relatively small numbers. By all over the web , I mean a severe issue where not just a couple of thousand users a very small overall percentage are complaining, but most users are reporting the same issues. That said, Office is a completely different product with its own code, so it wouldn't be at all surprising if it has its own slew of repeatable bugs. I don't know what those may be since I use the perpetual license, Office version.

Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in Word for Mac

That's Word PowerPoint and Excel also have this button. But for whatever reason, Outlook doesn't. If you select "What Can Be Better", a brief bug reporting sheet appears. Well, I can't agree with that. I use Excel, Word, and Outlook heavily in an office environment.

Outlook for Mac crashes and slow performance

Particularly massive and often complicated Excel spreadsheets. None of the apps crash - ever.

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Mar 29, Mar 29, 6: Completely removing and reinstalling Word did solve the issue for me. Somehow Word wasn't automatically updating to the latest version.

Here you can get the latest version: Word crashes when changing font color More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question.

Microsoft gets an earful as Office for Mac users amp ire over crashes | Computerworld

User profile for user: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Word crashes when changing font color I have a inch Macbook, only about 4 months old. More Less.

Make sure your printer isn't paused

Word is constantly freezing on my computer (~5 times a day). When it does this I have to force shutdown and restart the application, losing any. After the recent macOS High Sierra upgrade in September , Microsoft claimed no issues had been registered. If you do experience Word freeze-ups on the.

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Microsoft was so nice to omit that from their Mac products. And they found a way to circumvent Apple's crash reporting features so Apple has no clue how often all Office products are crashing on the Mac. The best solution: Microsoft has no serious intention of supporting Office products on the Mac. The very top menu bar: Not a chance. But, spend your money however you wish.

You're the first person who actually mentions this!

Word Keeps Crashing on Mac

That at least adds some clarity to the discussion. Version 16 seems to be out for a while now but I was still stuck on a version But unfortunately no way to force an update. For all people with similar issues: Here you can download the latest version and install it again: Not everyone has had to deal with crashing productivity.

Excel Keeps Crashing on Mac

Click on Advanced and go to Proxies. Microsoft was so nice to omit that from their Mac products. Posted on Sep 13, 3: Since this one is marked solved, less people are likely to look at it. But, spend your money however you wish.

An engineer who specializes on the Mac and works for a multi-national IT services firm reached out to Computerworld , saying that none of those in his workplace's pilot program had seen Office for Mac crash or freeze when running on El Capitan. On Wednesday, Microsoft issued a fix for a separate-but-related issue, one involving Office for Mac , the new suite's predecessor.

Excel: Freeze Panes and View Options

That problem had caused Outlook on El Capitan to crash when syncing with Exchange mail servers. An update to Office for Mac claimed to stop the crashes, and users commenting on Microsoft's support forums confirmed that they were again working without interruption. Not surprisingly, that prompted people running Office for to ask when their needs would be addressed. Microsoft was not ready to set a timetable for an Office for Mac update. Thank you for your patience and understanding. On another thread , a different Microsoft program manager offered a bit more information.

Previously, Raman had referenced working with Apple, as had a company spokeswoman, implying that the problem was within El Capitan or that the fault was shared by both companies. While the public beta's description only said that it was addressing stability, compatibility and security issues, the developer's version listed Office as one of two areas of focus, a clue that El Capitan is at least partly to blame for the crashes.