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Apple Mac mini MC238ZP/A (Late 2009)

On the desktop front, though, the two obvious choices are the Mac mini and iMac. Both the iMac and Mac mini are made of aluminum and are designed as desktops, but the form factor could not be more different between the two. A highlight for us in our review , the Mac mini is very ideal for sitting under a monitor or at the side of a desk. It easily stays out of the way in places with limited space and the fans are quiet as a whisper.

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The iMac contrasts to the Mac mini since it is an all-in-one computing solution. The base It also packs a A separate inch model also packs a Retina 5K display for 5, x 2, resolution.

The $20 Mac Mini - Upgraded + Running Unsupported Mac

Apple even includes both a Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 in the box, keeping you from separate purchases. Apple revamped the Mac mini with new internals to make it a better buy against the yet-to-be-updated iMacs. For more processing power, a Mac mini model with a six-core 8th-gen Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 3.

Now in Space Gray with Thunderbolt 3, quad-core to 6-core processors, and 64GB of RAM.

This is the model we reviewed, which is right where the Mac mini crosses into iMac territory. I have a 4tb fw external enclosure attached along with elgato hybrid tv tuner. I have a htpc a dvr an internet machine a large itunes server all in a small package. I have used them with no mods and it is nice but with the 2 upgrades it is a lot better then nice.

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The Mac Mini is a wonder! This tiny box, slightly larger than a sandwich, packs about twice the processing power of my G5 Dual 2GHz. It is extremely quiet, but very fast. I love it! The only thing I miss is a second hard drive, but I have an external for backup purposes. The G5 was the epitome of upgrade ease, while this mini is not easily upgraded. There is little need to upgrade any more. I will probably not outgrow this for a few years. It's very stylish, and it's nice to have the optical drive right on the desktop again G5 was on the floor.

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Notes: 1 The serial number and specifications sticker on the underside of the latest revision do not carry the actual specs of the upgrade. January 4, Unfortunately, the base model with the p display still comes with a 1TB mechanical hard drive and older 7th-generation processor. Why two video outputs? Optional or Integrated Wi-Fi 3 Compact, sleek, quiet, and low-priced.

I wanted a Mac Pro, but even used the prices were prohibitive for this small business. I am very pleased, and highly recommend the Mac Mini. Read full review. It is the most compact desktop in the market. It fits in the corner of my desk out of the way. It is almost completely silent; even when doing processor intensive work video editing, photo editing, etc.

OS X El Capitan review: bringing even older Macs up to speed

The upgrades available are outstanding. It has a 2. It has all the features like the other Apple computers: bluetooth, air port extreme It is by far the best desktop computer I have had. Skip to main content. It doesn't quite measure up to the iMac Pro when it comes to the number of ports available, but it's not far off. The Mac mini's RAM can be replaced, but it's not an easy process.

The storage and the CPU of the Mac mini are soldered in place and cannot be upgraded or replaced.

Key Specifications

The entry-level base model ships with a 3. A higher-end 3. Benchmarks of the high-end 6-core 3. High-end Mac mini single-core Geekbench score compared to other Macs. The high-end Mac mini features a single-core Geekbench score of , and a multi-core score of High-end Mac mini multicore-core Geekbench score compared to other Macs.

Mac mini (Early 2009)

The base-level model's performance is on par with lower-end MacBook Pro models, earning a single-core score of and a multi-core score of The middle-tier 6-core Mac mini with 3. Apple says the new Mac mini is up to five times faster than the previous-generation model, last updated in The Mac mini can, however, be used with eGPU setups when additional graphics power is required. Like the iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, the Mac mini is equipped with a custom Apple-designed T2 chip, which integrates components like the system management controller, image signal processor for the camera, audio control, SSD controller, a Secure Enclave, and a hardware encryption engine.

Apple's T2 chip makes sure all of the data on the SSD is encrypted using dedicated AES hardware, and it ensures a secure boot to make sure your software isn't tampered with and only OS software trusted by Apple loads at startup.

All Mac mini machines now feature PCIe-based storage, with no traditional hard drives available. The SSDs in the Mac mini offer four times faster read speeds up to 3. The Mac mini supports The Mac mini can be purchased from the Apple online store and Apple retail locations around the world. As of January , Apple is selling discounted Mac mini models in its refurbished store.

At a Glance

Back in March, when I reviewed the previous Mac mini models—officially called the Mac mini (Early )—Apple's smallest desktop computer. Page 1 Apple Mac mini (Late ) Review; Page 2 Apple Mac mini The cost of offering a slightly different version of the mini chassis is likely.

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Anonymous form close x. By MacRumors Staff on July 15, At a Glance The Mac mini was refreshed in October after more than four years without an update. It also includes Apple's T2 chip for added security. Last Updated 16 weeks ago.

On the new Mac mini's largely unchanged design: Six Colors 's Jason Snell: In the last few years, Intel has pushed the idea of extremely small desktop PCs, leading people like me to speculate that perhaps the next Mac mini would be even more mini. Ports Apple has outfitted the Mac mini with a whole host of ports, allowing it to be used with multiple peripherals at once. High-end Mac mini single-core Geekbench score compared to other Macs The high-end Mac mini features a single-core Geekbench score of , and a multi-core score of High-end Mac mini multicore-core Geekbench score compared to other Macs The base-level model's performance is on par with lower-end MacBook Pro models, earning a single-core score of and a multi-core score of The Intel integrated graphics are up to 60 percent faster than the previous-generation Mac mini.